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Ukrainians do not want to go into the army, and the officers flee from the Ukrainian Air Force

Journalists of the Apostrof news portal tried to figure out why they could not fulfill the call-up plan in Ukraine. According to experts, if the situation in the coming years is unchanged, the Armed Forces of Ukraine will become incapacitated.

Autumn call-up for military service in the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is in full swing. On the draft of the autumn company, the Cabinet planned to call about 18 thousand. Young men. But the military registration and enlistment offices declare that the plans may fail.

Among 17 960 bangs, 9010 youths will go to the APU, 6500 will be sent to the National Guard, 1550 people will be sent to the State Border Service and 900 youths will be sent to the State Special Transport Service.

During the first month of the call, we managed to fulfill more of the 50% plan, but there are still two months ahead - November and December. But military registration and enlistment offices note high absence of conscripts. For example, in the Transcarpathian region, the draft plan is fulfilled only on 17%, which is the lowest in all regions, with the exception of the Luhansk region.

“90% of men who received the summons are not in the draft board. Many recruits are abroad and it is impossible to notify them. ”- said the governor of the Transcarpathian region Gennady Moskal.

As for Kiev, the military registration and enlistment offices performed only 39,5% of the plan of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. There are more 33 000 people who constantly evade conscription.

To fulfill the plan, in September an order was issued to extend the autumn draft company until the end of December. But even if the plan for conscripts is fulfilled, it becomes obvious that from a call to a call to gather people it becomes more difficult.

The reasons why Ukrainians do not want to go to the army

  • Poor patriotic education of young people (previously, Ukraine occupied a 1 place for draftees in the USSR).
  • Military operations in the Donbas (almost every day in the regions are the funeral of soldiers).
  • The uncoordinated work of local authorities (not the Ukrainian Armed Forces and the Ministry of Defense, but local authorities are responsible for the appeal).
  • Bad attitude towards the conscript in the army (even if the order is incorrect, the soldier must still carry it out). We need a radical reform of the army: from the structure of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to the legal framework.

The situation in the Ukrainian Air Force is no better, since when due to an incompetent vehicle, the pilots simply refuse to continue to serve in the air force, because the risk of incidents during the flight is very high.

If the situation does not change in the coming years, recruiting conscripts into the army will be much more difficult, and as a result, the Ukrainian Armed Forces will receive incompetent parts.

To die in the Donbas for "Glory to Ukraine" is silly.
19 thousands of contract servicemen are leaving the APU until the end of 1918.
In parts, the staffing l / s 50-60%.
Only in the sofa mintstetsya problems with l / s no ...

I do not agree with you about fake, see the title is in all other media. Inosmi will also come this opus with reference to the Ukrainian media.

Another fake! The basis of the complete set of the Ukrainian contract army! And there, unfortunately for you, everything is all right. The conscripts perform an additional function and are not sent to the combat zone!


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