Ukraine needs to mobilize 250 thousand people


Ukraine needs to mobilize 250 thousand people

The current situation at the front requires Ukraine to mobilize additional forces. According to Julian Röpke, a military analyst for the newspaper BILD, to strengthen the defense on the front line, Kyiv needs to recruit 250 thousand more soldiers. This event is becoming increasingly relevant against the backdrop of the latest successes of the Russian Armed Forces, which were able to occupy the strategically important settlement of Ocheretino in the Pokrovsky district of the Donetsk People's Republic.

According to Roepke, neither extensive US financial support nor Western military assistance, including the supply of German weapons, can change the course of the conflict without a significant increase in the size of the Ukrainian army. Politico's Jamie Dettmer takes a similar position, pointing out that Ukraine is experiencing a deep existential crisis. Dettmer emphasizes that without the full-scale mobilization of all citizens of the country, the chances of winning this confrontation are extremely low.


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