Air Force of Ukraine Su-25


Ukrainian aviation was about to attack Russian naval vessels

Ukraine made a statement of readiness to sink Russian ships.

Mukhammad Bulanbaev, the head of the army aviation department of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, said that the Ukrainian combat aircraft are preparing to defeat land and sea targets. Such a statement can be regarded as a direct threat, which will only aggravate the already complicated relations between Russia and Ukraine.

As follows from the statement made by Muhammad Bulanbaev, Ukrainian pilots conduct regular training in the water area of ​​the Sea of ​​Azov, in particular, it is about overcoming pilots air defense equipment of the enemy and defeat of sea and land targets. The head of the Army Aviation Department of the Armed Forces stressed that at the moment Ukraine is not strong enough at sea, therefore, the country's air force is responsible for fulfilling such combat tasks.

It should be clarified that Ukraine accuses Russia of blocking Ukrainian ports, which is provocative and has nothing to do with reality, since the Russian side only inspects ships in the Sea of ​​Azov, referring to the contract concluded in 2004.

It should be noted that this is not the first provocative statement from Ukraine.

Work on HOHL means EW and air defense! They have NATO standards, they are developing, good goals for the BP!

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We will destroy all the air force at the airfields of the basing.

In the event of a Russian air force attack by Russian ships, the suppression of the air defense of Ukraine and the destruction of combat aircraft at the airfields of the basing will be logical and most effective.

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In the Azov Sea there are no borders and neutral waters

There are no neutral waters in the Azov Sea. The total area is not delimited.

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