Rocket neptune


Ukrainian cruise missile "Neptune" could threaten Russia

The Neptune missile system being developed by Ukraine could become dangerous for Russia.

According to the director of the Luch design bureau Oleg Korostelov, the ground version of the Neptune rocket complex, more precisely, its first sample, will be ready at the beginning of 2020. Reports the edition about it "Censor".

The publication contains the words of Korostelov. He reports that by this time it is planned to put into service also the Ukrainian cruise missile. The range of its flight will be 300 kilometers. This means that “Neptune”, as Oleg Korostelev specified: “... will completely close the water area of ​​the Black and Azov Seas that interests us”, although he did not specify from whom.

The Neptune air carrier selected the tactical Su-24M front-line bomber. This aircraft has a variable sweep wing. The design office started the design work in 2018 year. The practical implementation is scheduled for 2020 year.

Selected on "Neptune" and the offshore platform. As it will be used rocket boat "Lan", which is currently being designed. By the end of this year, the development of the ship complex should be completed, while experts clearly express concern, since the Ukrainian cruise missile completely threatens Russia.

The cost of developing the ground version of "Neptune" will be 20 million US dollars.

Cruise missile "Neptune" was tested by Ukraine 30 January 2018 of the year. Its design is based on the project of the Soviet X-35 rocket. The Ukrainian version differs from it in some modern stuffing.