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Ukrainian aviation inspectors conducted a control flight over border areas

19 March. In connection with the difficult situation in Ukraine, the air inspectors of this country conducted a control survey to detect, as was stated officially, illegal military activities.

According to official data, the flight will be conducted from 18 on 20 March, which will allow to assess the present state of the territories bordering with Ukraine, in particular Kursk and Belgorod regions. The mission of aviation inspectors is official and declared on the initiative of the OSCE channels and approved by the leadership of the Russian Federation.

During the inspection, the above areas were flown by helicopter, but no "undeclared military activities," in particular the deployment and movement of troops, were found, despite mass reports of Ukrainian and Western media. Tomorrow will be the final day in 2014, as all quotas for the study of border areas for the OSCE have been exhausted.

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