Ship of Naval Forces of Ukraine


Ukrainian armored boats can be transferred to the Syrian Navy

Ukrainian armored boats captured in the Kerch Strait can be transferred to the Syrian army.

Ukrainian armored troopers and a raid tug of the Ukrainian Navy may never return to the armament of this country. This is due primarily to the fact that the armored boats illegally invaded the territorial waters of the Russian Federation, while experts did not rule out that three naval vessels could even put Syria into service, which currently needs to restore its own army.

Despite the absence of any official statements from the Russian Navy, experts believe that such ships are unlikely to become part of the Navy of the Russian Federation, because they need repair and maintenance, while any real fighting power they do not possess.

“Leaving these ships in their armaments, Russia will only continue to be under attack from Ukraine. Of course, they can be used for training launches of rockets and torpedoes, but this is not advisable. It is not excluded that two warships can be simply transferred to the same Syria, especially considering the fact that Ukraine is taking the side of the Syrian opposition and is in favor of overthrowing the legitimate authority in the SAR ” , - concluded the expert