Air Defense System


Ukrainian security forces threatened to shoot down a civilian aircraft

The Ukrainian military, under the threat of destruction, forced the plane to sit on the Donbass.

On the morning of 16 June 2018, in the sky over the Donetsk region, a light-engine X-32 "Bekas" aircraft was seen flying unauthorized flights, actually being in the zone of military contact of Ukrainian security forces and military formations of self-proclaimed People's Republic of China and the People's Republic of China. Due to the fact that the flight of the aircraft could be dangerous, the Ukrainian military forced pilots to land an aircraft directly a few kilometers from the line of demarcation.

It is known that two Ukrainian citizens were flying aboard the X-32 "Bekas" aircraft, which carried out the flight without the appropriate permission of the authorities of the country.

Informal sources report that the light-engine aircraft was in the air for about an hour, and only about 6 hours 30 minutes of the morning was detected by air defense means. The pilots were warned that if they refused to land immediately, the plane would be destroyed, and therefore they had to obey the order of the military.

Immediately after landing, the citizens of Ukraine who were on board the aircraft were detained and handed over to police officers. Their current fate remains unknown, but they will surely be brought to justice, it is likely to be criminal.

It's good that the DNRs were not shot down, otherwise Russia would be to blame again

Well, Ukraine at least takes measures in contrast to Russia, which immediately knocks down