Ships of the Ukrainian Navy


Ukrainian warships entered the economic zone of the Crimea

Ukrainian warships came very close to the Crimea.

The FSB of Russia reports that the day before, two Ukrainian warships — the Korets tug and the Donbass command ship — entered the Russian economic zone, and therefore the Border Guard coast guard ships were sent to accompany them. According to analysts, the emergence of Ukrainian warships associated with an attempt to arrange a provocation.

Where exactly Ukrainian warships are heading, so far it remains unknown, but it is reported that there is no direct threat from them, and they are escorted at a safe distance. According to preliminary data, Russian combat aircraft also flew into the air, but the observation of the ships of Ukraine was carried out at a remote distance.

The command of the Ukrainian Navy earlier informed about the intention to transfer its armored car to the Sea of ​​Azov, in connection with which it is possible that the tug "Korets" and the ship of the "Donbass" administration follow exactly in this direction.

Analysts say that in case of any provocations and aggression from Ukraine, the means of combat aviation, navy and coast defense will suffice in order to destroy the enemy within a few minutes, which is well realized in Ukraine itself.

A direct threat from them does not emanate, and their escorts are carried out at a safe distance. 41 year than it reminds us what it turned out for us, seems to have now been forgotten.

Two Ukrainian ships (not combat ones) scared the mighty Crimea ?? The campaign is bad for Raisi - the planes knock their own, then they force themselves into sanctions

Lol) Raschki 100% hands scratching to say something)) However, Shoigu was well aware of what it would end for a rakshi))