Underwater explosion


Ukrainian military destroyed a submarine with rockets and torpedoes in the Black Sea

Ukraine announced the destruction of the submarine's willows in the Black Sea with the help of bombs and torpedoes.

Representatives of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine reported that a submarine had been “discovered”, “identified” and “destroyed” in the Black Sea. For her "destruction" used bombs and torpedoes.

"Naval Aviation of the Armed Forces of Ukraine completed flight tactical exercises to develop various scenarios for the use of units of the naval aviation brigade while ensuring the actions of naval forces, - reported in the Ukrainian military department.

How exactly the Ukrainian military managed to detect a non-existent submarine and at the same time guaranteed to destroy it is not known, however, as the Vzglyad newspaper reports, the combat mission of the Ukrainian military caused only ridicule from Web users.

Considering the statement of the Ukrainian military and the current political relations between Russia and Ukraine, we are obviously talking about a conditional Russian submarine, but the Ukrainian side did not make any clarification on this matter.

It should be clarified that the Mi-14 and Ka-27 helicopters, as well as the An-26 aircraft, were involved in the operation to "destroy" the submarine.

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For some reason, I remembered an old bike from a role-playing toy. On the toy, as expected, were the elves. The elves, as expected, had a sea. A large field was assigned by the sea near the landfill.

And then the people crawled out from the mall, a slightly hungover elves fight - and a ship floats to the game harbor, spreading sails, to the game harbor. On the field. Through the grass. People already sobered up in surprise, but the ship did not disappear.

They began to find out what was the matter - and these figures made a raskorok out of poles, wrapped them in dyed fabric and dragged their mock-up onto their shoulders, only legs sticking out from under the ship, but they were just not visible in the grass.

So here. They say that the team that the ship was doing was just from Ukraine and arrived. In short, they have a very well-developed steppe model shipbuilding. And given that 20 years have passed since then, they could well have evolved from sailing ships to submarines.

And the boat was made of brazed zinc basins at the import in Odessa.

The battle scows, obviously.

One question is how these basins could destroy the boat.