Ukrainian military complains about Russian electromagnetic weapons burning electronics

The Ukrainian military complained about the use of electromagnetic guns against them.

Ukrainian military personnel began to report numerous cases of the use of new unknown electromagnetic weapons in the front line area. Officially, the use of weapons based on new physical principles by the Russian military was not reported, however, according to the Ukrainian military, electromagnetic waves literally burn the electronic components of drones, radio stations and mobile devices.

“I immediately received two alarm signals from the fronts about the use of weapons by the Russian Federation, which at a distance literally “burns out” electronics with a powerful impulse: radio stations, UAVs, telephones, drone remotes. The distance from the front line was about 7 km. Russia has been developing in this direction since 70 years. And as a result, in the late 90s, only one Ranets-E working complex was born. This complex was never put into service then, although it could burn out enemy electronics with an impulse of 10 megawatts at a distance of up to 500 kilometers., - reports Ukrainian serviceman Serhiy Flesh.

It is known that in Russia such weapons were indeed developed and are being developed, but there is no official information about its use. In the event that such weapons are actually used, then this will turn into serious problems for the Armed Forces of Ukraine, since it will deprive them of communications, the ability to use drones and some types of weapons.


Et le robot Shahib "bourré d'explosifs" passe au travers...

There are stormtroopers, there are already electromagnetic weapons... The Death Star is already near! For a more detailed introduction to the characteristics, it is recommended to review Star Wars!