Ukrainian troops abandoned their positions in Ocheretino and retreated


Ukrainian troops abandoned their positions in Ocheretino and retreated

Russian troops entered the village of Ocheretino, taking advantage of the opportunity of retreat of Ukrainian units that had previously held this territory. They reported this in their last address to the military command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Company commander Nikolai Melnik expressed his dissatisfaction with the situation, noting that now the 47th separate mechanized brigade (OMB), which is already exhausted from previous hostilities, will have to plug the holes in the defense.

According to Melnik, interaction and coordination between units on the battlefield leaves much to be desired, which was one of the reasons for simplifying the task for the Russian military. The Ukrainian Armed Forces units, according to the company commander, abandoned their positions, which allowed the assault groups of the Russian Armed Forces to occupy Ocheretino without significant losses.

The 47th Mechanized Infantry Brigade, which will now strengthen the defense in this area, previously took part in the fighting near Avdievka. It is noted that the brigade needed reorganization and rest, but due to an acute shortage of reserves, the General Staff was forced to leave it in service.


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