Ukrainian fleet begins blockade of Crimea for any ships

In Ukraine, announced the beginning of the blockade of Crimea.

Ukraine is creating a maritime closed area around the entire territory of the Russian peninsula of Crimea, intending to create a blockade of this region, and to prevent any attempts even to approach Crimea. The closed area will be controlled by the Ukrainian fleet and air assets, which obviously indicates a new complication of the situation in relations between Russia and Ukraine.

“Ukrainian officials intend to block the maritime approach to the annexed Crimea. For this, the State Hydrographic Service of Ukraine is working on the creation of a maritime security area around the peninsula, the purpose of which is to prevent foreign ships from reaching the shores of Crimea. The initiative of the State Hydrography of Ukraine to create a maritime security area was supported by the Ukrainian Navy and the State Border Service. Now the authors of the project are waiting for the approval of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine. The State Hydrographic Service of Ukraine explains: the border of the maritime regime area will run along the contour of the peninsula at a distance of 12 miles (more than 22 km). The UN Convention on the Law of the Sea allows Ukraine to close the approaches to Crimea: it provides for the right of the coastal state to temporarily suspend the innocent passage of foreign ships, taking into account the threat to the security of this coastal state "- it is said in the material "Radio Liberty".

Analysts call such actions an open provocation.

“Ukraine is absolutely aware that such actions will lead to retaliatory steps by Russia. It is possible that in response to the blockade of the Crimea, which is unlikely, Russia may simply block the passage of Ukrainian ships through the Kerch Strait. ", - the expert notes.

Ukraine has a powerful fleet consisting of 6 boats, but there are no toilets on them.

What Pindos sent air mattresses ???

The children of these wise guys put on ships that will send to block the Crimea. Immediately forget about the blockade!

Do they have enough toilets?

In 1686, the final Peace was concluded, putting an end to the Russian-Polish war of 1654-1667 (the so-called Eternal World, which is also called the World of Gzhimultovsky))
The Eternal World is a peace treaty on the division of the Hetmanate, concluded between the Russian Empire and the Commonwealth in Moscow on April 26 (May 6), 1686.
The text of the agreement consisted of a preamble and 33 articles.
A CONTRACT was signed and completed the Russo-Polish War, which lasted from 1654 on the territory of modern Ukraine and Belarus
It is written there - Russia pays 146 thousand rubles in gold and Poland permanently gives Kiev to Russia.

Russia paid Poland this amount in gold and bought Kiev from the speech of the Commonwealth Question. Kiev- Russian land? Must be Russian. It was bought by Russia. There is a contract. Money paid.
So let them not vomit ... Kiev - belongs to Russia !!!

Ukrainian fleet - what is it?

Yes, I'm sorry for the family of sailors, especially children. They’ll drown in iron, the water is cold for 20 minutes and that’s all .... Essentially, the USA is looking for a reason to start a war in the Post-Soviet space, then Latvia Lithuania Estonia Poland will continue .... in general, it began ...

Sailors from these ships are sorry, they were not hired to guard Russian ports in the Crimea, but they are forced into Ukraine.

Yes, toilet bowls have already been found, and the ships will buy inflatable in the fishing store and all things ... so we wait, sir ...

head air

That's when Poroshenko's order increased in Ukraine. Or is he also a Jew?

"Passage to Crimea" is several hundred nautical miles. On the way, you come across all sorts of submarines, border ships, patrol boats of the Ministry of Defense and other corvettes and frigates of Russia. Sometimes anti-ship missiles of coastal complexes can fly by themselves, as well as helicopters and other aviation of the same Russia.
Against the background of all this, I want to look at the Ukrainian fleet, which will molest alms and cigarettes to all ships.

This can end only with what was not completed in 2014, i.e. the loss by Ukraine of the entire Russian southeast of the country.

Submarine in the steppes of Ukraine

How will the harem pants be with the Russians without stolen toilets ... and without a fleet?

These three troughs are not on the move.

Thu! There are battalions of the Crimean sea infantry under the leadership of Islyamov ... They only need to issue drafts and fins.

not only in Ukraine but also in Russia

Some kind of another crazy idea of ​​schizophrenics, neo-Nazis from Kiev! This is what you need to have a military education, combat experience and have any relation to the sea, to come up with such a "blockade" ???

You can not tell the recipe for creating a fleet from nothing?

The blockade will be carried out by the Zaporizhian Cossacks on their "seagulls" with the Bandera commissars with the help of the Kozaks, NOVAKs and other hohlyak scum from the Russian leadership !!!

when the Jews cease to rule in Ukraine then the order will return ...

The photo shows the Oliver Hazard Perry-class frigate decommissioned from the US Navy, there are plans for two of them to be sold to Ukraine.

The Russian Federation returned three boats to Ukraine, so they have something to block the Crimea.

Do not sell oil and gas. sailing and flying will be nothing. + Migrant workers all home to Ukraine. Here and the whole blockade.

the article has a provocative character to arouse interest, give a normal bait, clothe it in a beautiful package ..... a trifle and vanity to arouse interest in an already tired neighbor

Are you serious? How will Ukraine block the Crimea? The fact that Russia returned to them, or that they sold the states?

I don’t know how ukroreih unfinished and Russia can easily and simply block ALL maritime approaches to a fascist country! If there was a will - but it is not there!

And sink the sailors too?

This is to be expected. Ukraine is a dog on a leash by amerikasos and will bark and bite at the command of its owner, but since Russia never becomes friends with its "owner", it will be even worse. This is open sabotage, and bribery with blackmail of Crimean residents outside the territory of both the CIA and the SBU for recruiting saboteurs. These are open attacks on Russian tourists on the territory of Crimea in order to play off tourists and residents of Crimea (they have already begun to sound more and more in Crimea from "local" hissing at tourists) and other unpleasant options.
Therefore, in order not to rake up the problems of Russia, it is time to take the most aggressive measures against Ukraine - tough before the limit but within the framework of the law.

how they poor, without toilets they will overlap.

How are you going to sink rubber boats with torpedoes?)))

Clowns on three boats gathered to guard a huge water area?

Well, stupid years ... absolutely no brains .....

NATO will gradually form a fleet for Ukraine. We must prepare for this. It’s easier for the West to fight Russia with the wrong hands. It’s too early to calm down in Crimea.

After all the costs, give gifts to the ungrateful neighbors and let the Americans go to military bases. Only dead donkey ears.

In the foreseeable future, no normalization with Russia with Ukraine is possible. Ukraine is a bankrupt state and can exist only due to financial support from the USA, Europe, and the International Monetary Fund. That is, the rules of behavior are dictated to her from above and they exclude any normalization. Without support, Ukraine is falling into several parts. Eastern and Southern, of course, cannot claim anything, since they have no succession from Ukraine as a state.

There are scam ... From Bone ...

The whole difference is that Russia has something to block the Ukrainian ports, and Ukraine has nothing to block the ports of Crimea.

Some kind of indiscretion, something else is trying, to blame again against Russia. Yes, to sink them all with torpedoes these Khokhlyat cans to hell

There is nothing to spare them. They themselves chose. In general, the Poles and Ukrainians think Selyukov. All borrowed consider their own. And they love when the dumplings themselves jump into their mouths. Self-image the size of the Black Sea dug by them.

Exactly. The day before yesterday I watched a video where the contractor answers, they say everything is in place. Some big boss came, asked about the condition of the little boats, he was told that there were problems with the toilets (there was some kind of drainage motor), and that’s it. Toli head was with a deep hangover, or ...

I agree, Ukraine has returned Crimea, Dombass, and now let it return Dnipropetrovsk (formerly Yekaterinoslav) to the Kharkiv, Poltava, Chernihiv, Kherson, Nikolaev, Odessa regions. This is when Russia normalizes relations with Ukraine.

I agree, Ukraine has returned Crimea, Dombass, and now let it return Dnipropetrovsk (formerly Yekaterinoslav) to the Kharkiv, Poltava, Chernihiv, Kherson, Nikolaev, Odessa regions. This is when Russia normalizes relations with Ukraine.

And I think that Crimea will never return to Ukraine, in order to exclude the risks associated with the next insanity of our brothers in mind.

It's time.

Ivan, NO, Ukraine will NEVER return Crimea and - will lose Donbass (Not "legally" yet, but in fact, she ALREADY lost it. The Slavs are not Anglo-Saxons for you. It is "with them" that the Irish can get along with the British. Donbass will NEVER forgive "Bender", among other crimes of Ukrainian neo-fascism, the bombing of a children's beach, shelling of schools. Our mentality is "not the same")
As for "Crimea", then its "return" to Russia (it might not have been the underlined-beautiful word "return", indicating the "historicity" of the Crimea being a part of Russia, or it could have been the usual word "accession") was made in full compliance with both international and local national laws of Ukraine and Russia.
So, for example, when the "supreme power" in Kiev disappeared (as a result of an illegal coup, and this happened on the eve of the expected legal re-election of the President of Ukraine), local self-government bodies not only in Crimea, but everywhere "in Ukraine" received a legal right (in agreement with the laws of Ukraine) to determine its own future. "Hot" people live in Crimea: they very quickly took advantage of this. By the way, if people would be "quicker" "" in "Western Ukraine, they could then easily and legally join Poland, Romania and Hungary (after the corresponding referendums in certain territories, of course).
But "after the establishment" "in" Ukraine of a new government (it does not matter that it seized power illegally: it was later "supported by the crowd" posing as "the people", later a part of Ukrainian society "legally" voted for it and "recognized" by some countries, including - indirectly - Russia), it was necessary to "separate" from Ukraine exclusively within the framework of the laws of Ukraine.
Although a new similar "separation" has already become a "controversial point". After all, Donbass, initially, simply "did not recognize" Maidan "as legitimate (which is legally correct). And the talk about "secession" began there after the "legalization" of the new "Maidan" government in Kiev. So the subsequent "referendum" in Donbass could already be called "controversial."
All the same, what was required of Russia in Crimea at that moment of absolute Kiev anarchy (let me remind you: Sevastopol was NEVER transferred to Ukraine "legally", so the "Russian interest" in a peaceful vote in Crimea was more than obvious, due to our presence there " military base "): just prevent the" Benders "from plunging Crimea into the chaos of a civil war. And that is all! Then the Crimeans would vote "for Ukraine" - for God's sake! That was their own business.
So the choice of the Crimeans was absolutely free and legal. Therefore, "why should Russia" return Crimea "to someone ?! This is absolutely legal Russian territory. And whoever doesn't like it, let them roll up their lips and wipe their sleeves.

what forces are interesting to know they are going to do this.

Humanitarian aid was delivered from America in the form of washing powder and diapers?

and Ukraine has a moskoyflot to block foreign ships in the Crimea

Only it is some kind of special, more negatively affects the brain.

And here we are as if with a family we want to go on a vacation to the sea ... And already in the Russian Federation.
Such statements of Ukraine in relation to another state are groundless. And it's time to calm down.

The great fabulist, having written the fable "The Elephant and the Pug", classified the ending of the incident described in it. As it has now become known, Pug was so carried away by trolling that she accidentally fell under the elephant's foot. The elephant expressed sympathy.

Yeah, which stays on the water just because seagulls crap it.

And "Doesn't Lyashko command the hydrography?"

The UN Convention on the Law of the Sea allows overlapping approaches to the Crimea of ​​Russia: it provides for the right of a coastal state to temporarily stop the peaceful passage of foreign ships in view of the threat to the security of this coastal state.

As far as the ships of Ukraine are known, they cannot pass in their waters.

Yes, toilets are the great power of Ukraine! Without them, she is nothing, with them - everything!

Starving fish in the Black Sea.

Starving fish in the Black Sea.

And where will the fleet of Ukraine take? Merchant ships?

After the "stolen" toilets were found, the military power of the Banderoflot increased dramatically. It's time to fight with the Bandera flags at the stern, in the bow and on all the protruding parts of the nazalezhny fleet.

Poor, unhappy Ukrainians, how do you get with such rulers ...

As I understand it, the site is dedicated to the AVIATION topic, incl. and civil? So other types of passenger transportation for them COMPETITORS. That is why, probably, they paid attention to this REGULAR stupidity of our neighbors - "non-brothers". In essence, there is only another bullet-free statement, before the IMPLEMENTATION of which, as they say, like before China, cancer. In fact, some, sorry, wed ... I "State Hydrography of Ukraine" started work on some "on the creation of a maritime security area around the peninsula, the purpose of which is not to let foreign ships to the shores of Crimea." , I cannot imagine that the function of "Hydrography" would include not letting foreign ships anywhere. Well, the one who, in fact, will have to implement the "grandiose plans" of "Hydrography", that is, the Ukrainian Navy is only modest "supported the initiative" and no more. So, in Russian, it is called neither a horse nor a cart ... Well, our valiant civilian aviators, it seems, are already ready to use this "insight" in the fight for transportation markets in Crimea ...

We can agree with the Ukrainians: Yes, Ukraine will return Crimea and Donbass. However, this will not happen before Ukraine normalizes relations with Russia. Then there will be no difference in whose jurisdiction the Crimea and Donbass will be. Ukrainians will easily travel to Crimea and Donbass. Business will not know the borders between Ukraine and them. It will be so that everyone will "care about the bulb" - whose Crimea and Donbass, as it was already in the USSR. Only Russia will bear the cost of financing the infrastructure of Crimea and Donbass, as it is today. In addition, in addition, both Crimea and Donbass will be territories of the Russian military-strategic direction. For ordinary citizens of Ukraine, this is not important. However, for the US and NATO, this is a "bone in the throat." That is why and only because of this, they are yelling at Russia today!

A double-edged sword ....
Similarly to the Ukrop justification, Russia has the right to impose a blockade on not only the Kerch Strait, but also the Black Sea coast, south of Ukropia. And it will be very simple and cheap. It is necessary to block the areas of Odessa, Ochakov ..
This should have been done for a long time, without the reminders of dill ...

As I understand it, if Ukraine "has the right" for its safety to arrange a blockade of Crimea, then Russia will have the right, in terms of ensuring its security, to arrange a blockade of Odessa, Kherson, Nikolaev and other sea cities of Ukraine, especially in the Sea of ​​Azov. And let's see who has the most strength for such an act.

Bad business. It seems that the coronavirus has reached Independence.

Yes, this garbage is news. Some third-rate official dreamed out loud, and our media picked up and presented it as "fried" news.

Ukraine has a powerful fleet !! There is even a submarine !!

The Khokhlam boats were returned, the toilet bowls were found, the holes in the cabin were covered with plasticine, and now forward to the ocean!

And the flag is in your hands, the wall has already been built and is functioning, and the poor rabbit over the hill is "in poverty"

Oh, the States began trading in front of Yalta-2 and are raising rates, trying to sell Ukraine more expensively. I hope no one has stirred the thought that all this Ukraine muddied up on its own?

There was a submarine fleet above the surface - it will become underwater!

I remember, in the 50-60s, we said with laughter: "Submarines in the steppes of Ukraine! The vile crest, NS Khrushchev, by his decree gave Ukraine the coastal Black Sea Tavria, as if knowing the conspiracy of Banderlog!

I have said for a long time that sooooo many "European friends" bring products with GMOs to Ukraine! Here is the result for you!

Lice check: how will foreign "friends" react! if it's bad, we'll just forget. If they support, then we'll try.

Okrainsky sailors were probably more nourishing in the Russian "captivity" than on the outskirts.

great news from govnosayt hohlyatskih victories true nothing, all the loot, BRAVO

we must ask Russia, the cowards were returned, like a sailor without panties.

it’s really incomprehensible that in general they want to say this — let’s talk nonsense — the fleet should consist of ships which the under-state cannot have by definition

Chernobyl does not pass for nothing ...

Zadolbali these Ukrainians with their evil actions. Block them with water along the contour of the sea border of Khokhlostan within 1 mile.

"if this basin were stronger, my story would be longer" - this is about the Ukrainian fleet

what will overlap?

Until they sink at least one vessel, they will show off!

The Ukrainians again appeared fleet? It was not necessary to give them the vessels.

And what do you want .... VNA Ukrainian site.

But this is bullshit, this is tantamount to a declaration of war. The authors messed up something.

The sheep-wolf threatened to eat !!!

Rave. For the implementation of the blockade by the forces of the Ukrainian fleet, at least the existence of this fleet is required.

I have been celebrating for a long time - SAYTIK then with a stink of death, should chop facts on the technique - but no, he wants to tell EVERYTHING ...



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