Ukrainian complex "Buk-M1" shot down 24 Russian drone

Ukraine decided to start a war with Russian drones.

Ukrainian blogger Andrei Shor made on his page on the social network Facebook a sensational record that the Buk-М1 anti-aircraft missile systems in service with Ukraine destroyed the Russian unmanned reconnaissance aircraft Orlan on the territory of Donbass. As follows from the text of the publication, the Ukrainian military staged a kind of competition, the winner of which will be the crew that will destroy the largest number of Russian drones. It is clear that we are talking only about another provocation, since the Ukrainian blogger Andrei Shor has not presented any arguments and facts to his words.

It should be clarified that shooting down an unmanned aerial vehicle weighing only 14 a kilogram with the Buk-M1 missile system is an incredible waste, especially since there are very limited number of high-precision complexes in Ukraine, and rockets, which, judging by the blogger’s record, were released at least 24, not produced in Ukraine.

Experts believe that this is just another pathetic attempt by Ukraine to conduct an information war against Russia, especially given the deplorable state of the Ukrainian army due to lack of funding.

* UAV Orlan is a family of Russian multipurpose reconnaissance military unmanned aerial vehicles, developed by the Special Technology Center.

Class business in Putin. He sells the powder to the rocket, and he uses it for mosquitoes. And pay for it will be lovers of Mazep, Shukevich and Bandera


This is an attempt to mislead the investigation into the downed Boeing. Write off the consumables (missiles). It's useless. The weapon is collective. Too many people involved in the destruction of Boeing. The time will come and everything will become clear. Only khokhl and could embark on an adventure.

These Ukrainians are preparing for a future report on beech missiles. Do the stuffing. What would have lost the missile that was hit by a Boeing. Khokhly, however, can not think up anything smarter than that to smear his ass.

Not only for Boeing, but also for Tu ... In this they are one of the best snipers.

What kind of idiot should one be to shoot from Buka on "paper" aircraft models? This can come if the head is crappy ...)))

The air defense of Israel on the Golandsky Altitudes could not bring down one of our UAVs with three petriot rockets, after which the Noi raised F 16 and he too was powerless against him, and the Ukrainians sold whole 24, here idiots

Only an idiot can shoot from Buk on drone, or maybe Ukraine is training to shoot down another civilian plane?

the ethnos of the existing Ukraine * cherishes dreams of negotiating with the Russian Federation and getting another freebie. Will not pass, go out

There are "Buki" in Ukraine (or in Ukraine?)! And even in the LTP, they beat us like a penny, they themselves are boasting! And for the language no one pulls.
But the "Boeing" was hit by Russia. Definitely. We are Europe, we could not.
Now the question is Europe. The question is, of course, rhetorical - I can see right away how the EU was trying to answer me. WHY Russia is not represented in the international investigation team for this tragedy, and Ukraine is there? I do not think that Russia should certainly be there, but Ukraine is, and Russia does not.

A miserable country - I do not believe a word to the Khokhlyatsky. Especially after Babchenko

KU !!!

Beech. There is a rocket, almost 2 times as large as a drone. Logic ... Poke the needle into the needle.

Kosher. They would have shmogli. Yak that cow

Here are able to # $ # $ # $ to point at a valuable thought. When you do not think balaboljat about what they do not understand.
Run a bunch of simplified "dice" on components from the Chinese designer. Let them spend the last Soviet missiles for "Bukov". Rockets hohlam not toys.

And ONE ONE YOGUK at once twenty four!

The guys looted paper airplanes with drones, Flag you in ------ by the hand.

My friend Petro shot down 5486 Russian drones.
I more. How many - and did not count. A few thousand.

Well ruined souls on their account much more. Let us recall at least the Russian Tu, which the Ukrainians shot down. And UAVs RUSSIA specially launches on Ukraine, that they would shoot all Soviet missiles and air liners will fly more quietly. Ukraine does not produce anything other than intestinal gas.

yes, let's have fun, the stock of missiles is not unlimited (although it is very doubtful that the UAVs use BUKs to counteract the UAVs), and there are not new supplies and will not be, to all from this it is better not to have new downed Boeing.

From a cannon on sparrows)))

... and, as always, not a single video file! at the right time, the battery of the smartphone is discharged ....

In a dream and not a dream

Khakhlys only can boom on boeing can shoot

Well, at the expense of the Eagles I do not know, but they are exactly the Boeing one. Surely they fall on Russia.

A beech on a penny bluff? The Queen of Heaven! Well how many it is necessary to drink that


Best in the world of aviation