Ukrainian weather balloon fell in the Lipetsk region


Ukrainian weather balloon fell in the Lipetsk region

In the Lipetsk region, according to information from Governor Igor Artamonov, fragments of a weather balloon were discovered. The find was reported on his Telegram channel. According to Artamonov, specialists who examined the wreckage of the probe in the Usman region were convinced that they did not pose any threat.

This is not the only case of similar objects falling in the region. Thus, on April 20, fragments of two more weather balloons were found in the Khlevensky district and the Volovsky district. The governor stressed that the incidents did not result in casualties or destruction.

It is interesting to note that similar finds have been recorded over the past week not only in the Lipetsk region, but also in other regions, including Kaluga, Kursk, Bryansk, Moscow and Tula regions. Findings of weather balloons and balloons, especially those that show signs of belonging to the Ukrainian military, raise legitimate concerns among Russian authorities.


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