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Ukrainian military industry may fall under US sanctions because of engine supplies to China

For the Ukrainian military industry may come hard times.

The American edition of The Washington Post published an article in which it is reported that, contrary to the interests and prohibitions on the part of the United States, Ukraine sold 20 engines for combat aircraft to China. According to experts. All this can lead to the imposition of sanctions against a number of Ukrainian military and civilian enterprises.

At the moment, it is known that the Ukrainian company "Motor Sich" concluded a contract with the Chinese military and supplied to this country at least 20 engines for 12 combat training aircraft JL-10. In total, according to the contract, the Ukrainian side was to supply to China at least 250 aircraft engines for a total of about 380 million dollars. This is detrimental to the national interests of the United States, so Washington can impose sanctions against the Ukrainian company, however, given the fact that other enterprises of the military industry participated in the conclusion of the contract, it is logical to assume that the whole sector of the Ukrainian military industry can get under US sanctions.

It should be clarified that no comments have yet been received from the official Kiev, but the expert from the International Strategy and Assessment Center called for strong pressure on Ukraine to protect the national interests of the United States.