Hypersonic aircraft


A unique hypersonic aircraft will be able to accelerate to a speed of 30 thousand. Km \ h.

Canadian aircraft manufacturers intend to build a unique supersonic passenger airliner.

The main developer of the passenger supersonic airliner made by Charles Bombardier, the aircraft is well known throughout the world, at the same time, the inventor noted that after the conducted computer simulations, it was found that the aircraft will be able to overcome the distance between New York and London in just 11 minutes which in turn exceeds the rate of pre-existing flight of supersonic passenger aircraft in more than 12 times, accounting for about 30 thousand km \ h.

After a thorough reasoning and verification of data, experts believe that the development of an airliner may already begin within the next 2-3 years, and therefore it is logical to assume that by the 2025, the plane, if it really is built, will be able to carry its first passengers.

Oh how they fantasize though. Such airplanes, if they are first from the military. And then the speed will be up to 10-15 thousand km / h (meaning serial production of aircraft).
And 30 thousand km / hour - a fantasy.


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