Hurricane wind almost led to a plane crash in Amsterdam airport

Boeing 777 nearly crashed while landing at Amsterdam Airport.

According to the video materials available from, it was possible to establish that during the landing a passenger airliner swayed heavily, which in turn almost led to tragedy. On board the passenger aircraft there were about three hundred passengers, however, despite the strong wind, the speed of which exceeded 33 m / s., The pilots still managed to level the plane and successfully land.

As a result of an emergency, none of the people on board was hurt, but experts insist on the investigation, as the landing during the hurricane could lead to disaster and death.

In turn, representatives of the airline "KLM"Insisting that the crew airliner was aware of the bad weather and strong winds, and the professional quality of the pilots allows you to confidently put the airliner at the airport Schiphol, although video shows that at some point the plane was almost caught the wing surface of the earth.

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