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Ural Airlines


"Ural Airlines" needed a loan of 4,6 billion rubles

The airline "Ural Airlines" took from Sberbank a loan of 4,6 billion rubles.

According to some information, the transaction for obtaining a loan in the amount of 4,6 billion rubles was due to the necessity of the domestic carrier "Ural Airlines" to replenish current assets. The return of borrowed funds is planned by October of the year 2020.

As follows from the information held by the information portal, the first quarter of 2017, the airline "Ural Airlines" completed rather unsuccessfully, in particular, the total loss is 1,2 billion rubles, while following the results of 2016 year, the carrier observed a profit In the amount of 2,7 billion rubles, and the total amount of the operator's assets is about 14,8 billion rubles.


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