The water level in the Urals in Orenburg reached 1185 centimeters

The peak of the flood in Orenburg has been reached: the water level has risen a critical 255 centimeters above normal, reaching 11 meters 85 centimeters. This information was published by the press service of the regional government on Telegram. The difficult flood situation this year has caused the flooding of 1,8 thousand household plots and 800 houses in just the last XNUMX hours.

This year's floods have become the largest in the entire history of observations for the Orenburg region. It is noted that due to the natural disaster, the region’s infrastructure suffered damage, tentatively estimated at 40 billion rubles. The seriousness of the situation is emphasized by the fact that approximately 40% of the damaged buildings are beyond repair. As of now, more than 192 thousand residents of the region have applied for financial assistance.

In a broader context, this year's floods affected 39 regions of Russia, resulting in the flooding of 12,7 thousand residential buildings. The greatest damage was recorded in Orenburg, where 5,3 thousand plots and over 2,8 thousand houses were under water.


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