The water level in the Urals in Orenburg is approaching 12 meters

The water level in the Ural River in Orenburg increased by 9 cm over the past night and reached 1171 cm. However, according to data from the last four hours, the water level has stopped rising, which allows us to count on the situation stabilizing. Governor Denis Pasler announced this in his Telegram channel.

“The water level has not risen for the last 4 hours. We hope that this is a plateau: there will be no more increases, the situation will stabilize, and then a decline will begin.”, he wrote.

Over the past 25 hours, in addition to the increase in the level in Orenburg, a decrease in the water level in the Sakmara River by 753 cm to 23 cm was recorded, and in Orsk the level of the Urals fell by XNUMX cm. The governor noted that the city of Orsk is beginning to return to normal life, although in general The situation in the region remains difficult.

“In a number of areas, the peak of the flood is ahead. We will mobilize forces and resources in the Ilek direction", Pasler added.

The Orenburg region is experiencing the heaviest flood in the history of its meteorological observations. In this regard, a federal emergency regime has been introduced in the region. The damage caused to the infrastructure is tentatively estimated at 40 billion rubles. In Orenburg and Orsk, as well as in other settlements in the region, partial evacuation has been announced due to the threat of flooding.


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