VCS of Russia in Syria


The success of Russian VCS: Syria now and a year ago

Specialists described how Syria has changed over the past year with the support of Russian VCS.

Despite the fact that the West continues to reproach Russia for helping the Syrian government forces and has achieved only minor success in its three years of presence in Syria, analysts decided to tell how the situation in this country has changed in just a year.

As can be seen on the presented map, exactly a year ago (12 June 2017 of the year - editor's note) under the control of terrorists of the Islamic State group (ISIS, a terrorist group officially banned in Russia - editor's note) was almost a quarter of the territory of the Syrian Arab Republic. In addition to the terrorists, the militants who oppose the Bashar al-Assad government in this country created serious problems, and of course, the United States of America regularly bombed the government troops of this country.

Already 12 September 2017, thanks to the active support of the Russian videoconferencing, the influence of terrorists and militants has decreased significantly. The front moved to the borders of neighboring states, and the army of Bashar al-Assad gradually began to liberate the territory of Syria.

By the end of 2017 of the year (31 of December of 2017 of the year - approx. Ed.), The Russian VKS bombarded positions of militants and terrorists at full speed, and therefore serious provocations were carried out against the Russian military, in particular, it was said that Russia and Syria use of prohibited types of weapons (cluster bombs, phosphorus bombs, bombs with poisonous substances, etc.). According to analysts, such a scenario clearly diverged from the plans of the created western coalition, in connection with which an active campaign began against the presence of Russia in this country.

Nevertheless, 12 April 2018, the Syrian government troops, with the direct support of Russian military security services, have almost completely liberated the suburbs of Damascus, held by militants and terrorists for several years. Moreover, Russia simply closed Syria's airspace with its air defense systems and put anti-aircraft missile and gun complexes "Pantsir-S" into the arsenal of the Arab Republic, which effectively repelled the attacks of Israel, the US and the Western coalition.

According to data for 12 June 2018, Syrian government troops control most of the territory of the Arab Republic, rapidly destroying the terrorists of "IGIL" and militants.

"Without the intervention of Russian military security services, Syria is unlikely to have existed in a form that we once knew. Russian combat aircraft razed to the ground the enemy and continues to provide Bashar Assad with all the necessary assistance. It is likely that by the end of the year Syria will restore its southern borders, and completely eliminate the terrorists of the "Islamic state" on its territory ", - said the analyst

* Red color shows territory held by Syrian government troops