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In 2017, over 1,53 million flights were carried out over Russia

The number of flights over Russia has increased.

As follows from the report made by the Federal Air Transport Agency of the Russian Federation (Rosaviation), in 2017 over 1,53 million flights were carried out over the territory of the Russian Federation, which is 8,26% more than in the same period last year. The largest number of flights over the territory of the Russian Federation was registered on international routes, in particular, it refers to 789,6 thousand flights, more than a third of which were transit flights, however, 740,4 thousand flights were carried out even on domestic routes, which is also quite impressive .

Among other things, it is also important to clarify that in 2017, Russian air carriers have served a record number of passengers for almost three decades, which is also an excellent indicator that the sphere of aviation passenger transportation is actively developing, despite the crisis situation.



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