Emergency landing without chassis


Kazakhstani airliner made an emergency landing at Astana airport

7 April. The airliner of the Kazakhstani air carrier SCAT made an emergency landing today at the airport of Astana, the reason for which was a malfunction in the landing gear system.

Passenger plane Boeing 737 With 89 passengers on board, made a flight from Chimkent to Astana, however, due to a malfunction, his flight was delayed for more than an hour and a half. In connection with the emerged emergency situation, all emergency and rescue services of Astana airport were brought to a state of complete readiness.

In order for the aircraft to make an emergency landing without the landing gear, the runway was covered with a special foam compound, which allowed the aircraft to slide, and at the same time avoid possible fires. Eventually, the plane successfully landed an emergency landing, and on its board there were no casualties or casualties.

Because of the situation, seven flights were delayed - 4 of which were preparing to take off, and three, to landing. At the moment, a special commission is conducting proceedings on this issue.


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