Fall off the ramp


At the airport of Barnaul, due to a fall from the ramp, six passengers were injured

Six people were seriously injured after falling from a broken ramp at Barnaul airport.

When boarding a passenger airliner of the domestic airline Ural Airlines, due to a malfunction of the ramp, six people were seriously injured. It is reported that due to the failure of the ramp, he began a spontaneous movement, resulting in six people fell.

“The plane of the airline“ Ural Airlines ”was supposed to fly from Barnaul to Moscow Domodedovo Airport in 07.30 (03.30 Moscow time). When boarding the plane, while the passengers climbed the ladder, he somehow departed and six people fell ", the source reports RIA Novosti.

The management of the Barnaul airport has not yet commented on the incident, however, the incident has already become interested in the Barnaul Transport Prosecutor's Office, as a result of which citizens are injured during an inspection.

The condition of the victims at the moment is practically unknown, except for the fact that one of them suffered a broken leg and the other seriously injured his back.

It is reported that the plane of the airline "Ural Airlines" had to perform a flight to Moscow.