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Passenger plane


At the airport in Delhi, the passenger arranged a fight with the steward

A Delhi airport passenger arranged a fight with the steward.

According to the resource, 40-year-old woman was late for landing on her flight, and began in a rude form to demand from the steward the right to get on the plane, which she received a polite refusal. Nevertheless, the answer did not satisfy the passenger, which is why she began to argue and struck the steward with her hand on the face, which was followed by a retaliatory blow from the steward, and a fight ensued.

It is reported that the fray had to intervene in the security service of the Delhi International Airport, while the woman who organized the fight was arrested at the moment, but given the fact that the steward also hit a woman, he may face dismissal from work, which, however, still is in the decision-making stage.


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