Kuala Lumpur Airport


At the airport, Malaysia "forgot" three cargo Boeing 747

At the airport in Kuala Lumpur looking for the owners of forgotten airliners Boeing 747.

According to available resource Avia.pro aviation data presented in the local media of Malaysia, cargo airliners Boeing 747 are located in the air harbor more than a year, at the same time they were left at different times, and of extended period of time, because their owner never announced. The airport of Kuala Lumpur said that if the owner of the "forgotten" planes do not show up until the end of this year, the aircraft will be sold because of the arrears to the airport for possession of the aircraft.

According to experts, the Boeing aircraft 747 previously owned air carrier «Air Atlanta Icelandic», however, about 7 years ago, was sold to a new owner, which details have not been disclosed.

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