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At the airport in San Francisco, a plane crash was miraculously avoided

At the airport in San Francisco, a clash of two planes was miraculously avoided.

As follows from the data provided by the "New York Post", the day before yesterday the passenger airliner of the company "Aeromexico" almost collided with the passenger plane of the airline "Virgin America". It is reported that the commander of the passenger Boeing 737, owned by the Mexican airline "Aeromexico", preparing to land, mistakenly chose the runway, at which time there was a plane of the American air carrier "Virgin America".

Thanks to the vigilance of the air traffic controllers, the crew of the Mexican airline was given the command to immediately gain altitude, while it was reported that until the moment the aircraft touched the runway there were only a few seconds left.

As a result of the incident, no one was hurt, however, passengers of Aeromexico report that a panic began on board the aircraft, as instead of continuing to reduce the plane began to quickly gain altitude.

In fact, the US Federal Aviation Administration has already begun an investigation, and it is possible that the air traffic controller may be the culprit, who confirmed the landing of the Mexican aircraft on the already occupied runway.