Airport Tel Aviv


At the airport in Tel Aviv in the luggage found the body of an elderly woman

At the airport in Tel Aviv in the luggage they found the body of a pensioner.

As it became known agency, the corpse of an old woman passed on the documents as a normal luggage, and then conducted the investigation it was found that he "baggage" has been sent to relatives of a woman from Russia, as the latter did not know exactly how it was possible to send the body of deceased women in Israel.

Current circumstances have created already a number of scandals, including those relating to and employees of the Russian airport, from where it was sent to the body of a dead woman, as according to the available details of employees aviation hub not verified the cargo, thereby putting a question on the low competence in such matters.

It should be noted that a similar situation is already far not the first time, has repeatedly voiced earlier instances of how foreign airports receive cargo from Russia with corpses, passing as an ordinary luggage.

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