Warsaw International Airport


At the airport in Warsaw, a leak of toxic substances, 11 people suffered

At the Warsaw airport, because of the leakage of toxic substances, 11 people suffered.

According to the portal Avia.pro, 8 July 2018 year in the main cargo terminal of the Warsaw airport there was a leak of toxic substances, and although the nature of toxic substances is not called, it is known that 11 people were injured, of which four are still in The hospital is supervised by doctors.

It is known that we are talking about an aerosol substance, and to this day it remains unknown that after it was established that the toxic substance left the hermetic container, the air port management did not take any measures to ensure the safety of ordinary citizens.

When the spread of the toxic substance was eliminated, 11 fire brigades and a chemical group were involved, which partly affected the work Warsaw International Airport. Frederic Chopin.

The management of the international air harbor has not commented on the incident so far, although it noted that the consequences of the leakage of toxic substances have been completely eliminated, and at the moment the lives and health of people is not threatened.