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In Antalya, 500 tourists at the airport are stuck

About 500 passengers of the airline "Russia" could not fly from Turkey.

Antalya Airport was awaiting the departure of 500 Russian tourists, whose flight to St. Petersburg was canceled due to a plane crash. This is evidenced by the "Fontanka", based on the information of passengers.

According to them, Boeing 747 was supposed to leave Turkey on the afternoon of 16 May. "We were informed that the plane had broken down and for repair it would be necessary to deliver the spare part from Russia, the failure is promised to be eliminated in two days, - the newspaper transmits the words of passengers.

Charter airline for St. Petersburg, which travels on the tickets of the tour operator "Intourist", is engaged in the airline "Russia", specifies "Fontanka".

A representative of the press service of the airline "Rossiya" said at a meeting with journalists that the flight from Turkey "is delayed for technical reasons." He clarified that the estimated time of departure 22: 50 Moscow time, passengers have already been warned about this.

"In accordance with the standards of the airline and federal aviation regulations, passengers are provided with hot meals and drinks""- added Starikov.

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