Catastrophe in Indonesia


In an air crash in Indonesia, survived only 12-year-old child

As a result of the crash of a passenger plane in Indonesia, the child survived by a miracle.

11 August 2018 year in Indonesia, the passenger plane Pilatus PC-6 crashed. A small light-engine aircraft carried eight people on its board, but at some point the plane disappeared from the radar, and the pilot stopped contacting.

The next day in the area of ​​Oxibol was found the place of the fall of a small passenger aircraft - all the people on his boron, except for the 12-year-old child, were killed.

Specialists call the rescue of 12-year-old boy a very real miracle, since the crashed plane literally turned into a pile of metal, and although the child received several serious injuries and wounds, his life and health are not threatened.

It should be clarified that the causes of the plane crash that have occurred so far remain unknown - according to one source, the main factor in the tragedy was the engine failure, on the other - an explosion on board the aircraft. As for the testimonies of the witnesses, they maintain that shortly before the catastrophe, two loud claps resembling explosions were heard in the sky.

* Pilatus PC-6 "Porter" is a single-engine general-purpose aircraft. It was designed and manufactured by the Swiss company Pilatus Aircraft.