Fire extinguishing


In Australia, during the extinguishing of fires, the plane C-130 crashed

In Australia, during an extinguishing forest fire, a plane crashed.

When extinguishing the strongest forest fires in Australia, the connection with the S-130 aircraft, which carried out a monitoring mission and extinguished fires, was unexpectedly lost. At an altitude of about 1600 meters, communication with the aircraft suddenly disappeared, however, due to heavy smoke, it has not yet been possible to establish the true crash site.

According to publicly available resources, the S-130 aircraft discharged water to one of the ignition sites, after which the crew began to fall back on course, however, during a U-turn, communication with the aircraft was lost, while experts do not exclude the possibility that in reality , due to the almost zero visibility, the crew simply did not calculate the speed and altitude when making a U-turn.

At the moment, there are no official comments from the Australian authorities, however, the threat of further spread of forest fires still persists, although in some areas the spread of flame has been stopped.

At present, the fact that exactly how many people were on board the crashed plane remains unknown - according to one source, we are talking only about three crew members, while a number of sources claim that the crew consisted of five people.

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