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An unthinkable war with Russia declared in Belarus

In Belarus, they talked about the unthinkable war with Russia.

The chairman of the lower house commission of the parliament of Belarus on human rights, national relations and the media Gennady Davydko, against the backdrop of statements by the Ukrainian Foreign Minister, spoke about the unthinkable war between Russia and Belarus.

Despite the statements of the Belarusian leader that in the event of a Russian attack on Belarus, NATO will intervene in this conflict, Gennady Davydko noted that the military conflict between Belarus and Russia is something unbelievable.

“They (Ukraine. - Ed.) Make such statements easily, because they already have nothing to lose in relations with the Russian Federation. We have relations - naturally, they are not simple, like any other state’s, but before the war it’s not so far away, it’s simply unthinkable, it’s unbelievable, it can never be ”- said Davydko.

It should be clarified that this is not the first provocation by official Kiev, accusing Moscow of preparing for an attack on Belarus, however, according to experts, all this is due to the desire of Ukraine to achieve a break in relations between the two sides.

“Yes, in recent months, political relations between Minsk and Moscow have deteriorated significantly, however, this does not mean at all that this is a military conflict. It's amazing that such crazy ideas are available in the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry. ”, - the expert marks.

Where power and justice are, there is victory

And you Leonid yourself was on the front line to hint about the aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine?

The Russians talked about the same thing about Ukraine until 2013. What this has unfolded is evident now. And what ended with the provision of military bases in Crimea, too.

you don’t need to talk with Ukraine and take and chop everything all at once, drive it into the position of a rabbit and not express concern, Because of your empty la-la people have been killed for six years now, and you only use your tongues.


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