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In the Bryansk region, a downed drone fell on an energy infrastructure facility

In the Bryansk region, a substation in Vygonichy caught fire after an attack by Ukrainian drones. The event was confirmed by local authorities and residents who were actively discussing the incident on social networks. The governor of the region, Alexander Bogomaz, reported that a downed drone had fallen, which led to a fire at an energy infrastructure facility, but specific details of the facility were not specified.

Photo: Overheard Bryansk

According to residents of Vygonichy, immediately before the fire they heard 5-6 explosions, linking this with the functioning of air defense systems. This information is also reflected in various publications and videos distributed on the Internet.

Authorities said that several unmanned aerial vehicles were shot down in the area during the night, bringing the total number to six. Despite the seriousness of the incident, there were no reports of injuries.


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