Domodedovo airport


At Domodedovo detained drunken aviadeboshira flight Phuket - Moscow

The passenger of the Phuket - Moscow flight made a drunken brawl on board the aircraft.

The incident occurred on the night of January this year 23, in this case, as it became known news agency, in a state of extreme intoxication, the man first began to conduct themselves inappropriately, expressing to the passengers of the flight crew and various kinds of unfounded complaints and claims, however, after that, the conflict escalated into a brawl, which is why it was decided to link the man and continue the flight.

After landing at the Domodedovo airport in the capital, a drunken aviadeboshir was handed over to the Moscow police officers, who are currently in the process of clarifying all the circumstances of the incident. Apparently, a man faces a large monetary fine.

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