Yekaterinburg Airport


In Yekaterinburg, forced the plane sat "Pegas Fly"

A passenger airliner of the Pegas Fly company made an emergency landing at the airport of Yekaterinburg.

As the information and news resource became known, the plane with passengers on board was traveling from Bangkok to Perm, however, due to the difficult meteorological situation at the destination point, it was decided to make an emergency landing in the Yekaterinburg air port. However, the aircraft did not stay too long at the Yekaterinburg airport - after 2,5 hours, the Pegas Fly made a flight in the direction of Perm, thereby successfully completing the flight.

It should be noted that to date in a number of Russian airports observed adverse weather conditions - of the airports unable to cope with the reception and dispatch of aircraft due to heavy snowfall and strong winds, however, the situation is not critical.

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