Arms race


In Germany, expect a new arms race

The Minister of Economics of Germany does not exclude a new arms race.

According to the German Minister of Economy, Peter Altermeier, it is not necessary to exclude the most diverse options for the situation of breaking the Treaty on Medium and Small-Range Missiles (DIS). He assumes that Washington and Moscow will eventually reach some kind of agreement.

Nevertheless, the minister believes that it is also possible that the arms modernization process will begin. Such a development should not be ruled out, it would simply “weaken our negotiating position,” Altermayer clarified his conclusion during an interview he gave to the German newspaper Welt am Sonntag.

According to the minister, Europeans and Americans need to demonstrate their own determination and act as the situation requires. In this case, Russia will take into account the concerns of the West.

It means, - the minister explained the above, - that if Western countries really seek disarmament, and this is the ultimate goal, then all possible scenarios should be considered.

A few days ago, Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov said that Russia does not intend to choose the path of the arms race. Moscow expects concrete proposals from Washington and President Donald Trump. The President of the United States stated that it was possible to renegotiate an agreement on medium and shorter-range missiles. The Russian side is looking forward to more specific proposals, and will be ready for such negotiations.