In GC "Aeroflot" airlines will 4

From 2018, Aeroflot Group of Companies will consist of four carriers

Previously, there have been several reports that the Aeroflot group of companies intends to optimize its activities, distributing it in such a way as to cover a certain sector of the provision of services. According to information, one of the air carriers will provide flights in the premium segment, the second will operate in the middle segment of the services, the third air carrier will provide the services of the loukost-air transportation, and at the end the fourth air operator will work in each of the designated segments.

Currently, due to the withdrawal from the market of airline "Transaero", the sphere of influence of the Civil Code "Aeroflot" could rise to 47-50%, which naturally maximizes the efficient allocation of route directions, thereby extracting the maximum profit.

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