Plane crash


In the mountains of Alaska, a passenger plane crashed

In the mountains of Alaska, a passenger plane crashed.

The passenger plane De Havilland Otter, flying from the Prince of Wales to the city of Ketchikan, crashed in the highlands of the American state of Alaska. On board the aircraft were 11 people, including one pilot and ten passengers, while the source reports that none of the people were killed - some escaped with minor injuries and injuries, while others did not suffer at all.

According to preliminary data, during the flight the pilot of the aircraft collided with a technical malfunction (engine failure - ed.), As a result of which he decided to make an emergency landing in the mountainous area. On the other hand, this information has not yet been confirmed by officials, and therefore there is another assumption of the air crash that occurred - the lack of visibility and pilot error.

At the moment, the rescue operation in the mountainous area has already been completed, but it was seriously complicated by unfavorable meteorological conditions, in particular, it is a strong wind, poor visibility and precipitation in the form of rain.

Earlier it was reported about a unique rescue operation in Oregon, where the pilot of the Chinook helicopter made a dizzying landing on a snowy mountain peak.

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