The State Duma proposed to allocate 1 billion rubles to Russian generals for drones

State Duma deputy and member of the State Duma Defense Committee Andrei Gurulev made an unexpected proposal on Vladimir Solovyov’s TV show on the Rossiya channel. He proposed distributing a billion rubles to the commanders of military districts and groups for the purchase of drones without the need to provide reports.

Gurulev emphasized that Russia has a huge budget and such funds can significantly speed up the delivery of drones to the front.

“Let’s give each district or group commander a billion from the budget, and each army commander half a billion. And without a report. I assure you that within a month they will bring so many drones to the front that the crests will simply choke,” the deputy said.

This statement caused wide resonance and discussion both among politicians and in society. Supporters of the proposal believe that this approach will quickly increase the defense capability of Russian troops and improve their equipment. Opponents point to possible risks and corruption schemes that may arise in the absence of reporting and control over the use of allocated funds.


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