The plane in the sky


In the Khabarovsk region have found the place of the crash, "money" aircraft

In the Khabarovsk region found victims of the plane crash 80-year-old.

The remains of four dead people were found quite by accident, at the same time, according to news agency, the plane crash, which occurred in the year 1935, in carrying out special "money" voyage (2 million rubles were on board the aircraft - Ed.)., still wore plenty of secrets and mysteries around him.

To date, experts working in the field of detection of aircraft wreckage was found that the aircraft at high speed crashed into a hill slope, and, it is assumed that for a few moments before the crash the pilot plane Savoia-Marchetti S.55 already saw a danger of collision, but emergency the climb is not allowed to correct the situation, because the aircraft simply do not have enough speed.

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