A railway train with 1200 Ukrainian soldiers was destroyed in the Kharkov region

In the Kharkov region, Russian forces destroyed reinforcements of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU), who arrived from the Kyiv and Nikolaev regions. The attacks on the railway junction were carried out using precision weapons and kamikaze drones. The Ukrainian air defense system was overloaded with decoys, which allowed the operation to be carried out successfully.

According to preliminary data, the attack fell on a train containing up to 1200 Ukrainian military personnel. As a result of the attack, the railway was put out of action for an indefinite period of time, which deprived the Ukrainian Armed Forces of the opportunity to receive trains with equipment and additional forces.

A number of channels report that the command of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, trying to strengthen its positions after heavy fighting in Avdeevka and Artemovsk, decided to concentrate forces in the Kharkov region. However, this strategy led to significant losses among the Ukrainian military, who found themselves under attack by Russian forces.

Military analysts note that the destruction of reinforcements in the Kharkov region is a significant blow to the plans of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. Overloaded with decoys, Ukrainian air defense was unable to effectively repel the attack, allowing Russian forces to inflict significant damage.


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