In Indonesia, Boeing skidded off the runway

The passenger airliner on board which was 144 man, rolled out beyond the runway.

According to information received, passenger flight GA-618, performs airliner Boeing 737-800 Indonesian airline "Garuda Indonesia", While landing, rolled out beyond the runway at a distance of about 20-25 meters. None of the people on board the passenger plane was injured, however, according to some sources, the front landing gear of the aircraft was damaged.

On the fact of the incident, the authorities of the island of Sulawesi conducted an investigation, but apparently the emergency was caused by heavy rain, limiting visibility to 500 meters. It is also possible that the aircraft could roll out of the runway for reasons of an extremely slippery surface.

The information portal notes that this is not the first case of the aircraft rolling out beyond the runway in the territory of Makassar Airport, last year such an incident was observed.