The helicopter in the sky


In Indonesia, looking for a missing helicopter

Over the Indonesian island of Sumatra missing helicopter with 5 people on board.

To date became aware that the helicopter belonged to a local air carrier and operates charter flight, but an hour before arrival at your destination, your destination, air traffic controllers airport "Kuala Namu" lost communication with the aircraft, and so far no about the fate of the helicopter or of the people on board were no news.

Currently, the company is actively searching for a missing helicopter, but because of the lack of information even about the approximate area of ​​the disappearance of the aircraft to the current time failed to find any trace of the crash or emergency landing.

In turn, the experts pre-release builds around the disappearance of a helicopter reported that the probable reason for the state of emergency could be a technical fault, because at the time of departure the weather conditions were optimal, and the helm was an experienced pilot.

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