MiG-29 Iran


In Iran, called the Russian MiG-29 "unfit for use"

Iran is unhappy with the Russian MiG-29, citing the unsuitability of their operation.

Iran intends to abandon the operation of Russian MiG-29 fighters because of their emergency condition. According to the data, from 23 combat aircraft delivered to Iran at the beginning of 90-s of the last century, only 9 are in serviceable condition, and, in Iran itself, they say that Russia refuses to supply spare parts for more than 10 years.

It should be clarified that earlier Iran had repeatedly criticized Russian fighters MiG-29, referring to the fact that they could not effectively perform combat missions, and therefore Iran is thinking about buying Chinese combat aircraft, and also relies on developing its own fighters .

According to experts, over the next two to three years, Iran can completely abandon the operation of Russian MiG-29 fighters, but other Russian combat aircraft continue to interest this country, in particular, we are talking about the fourth-generation fighter Su-30.

Indeed - it is impossible to exploit! (30 has already been operating for years and even without spare parts - I agree, it’s impossible to exploit anymore!)

Even an ordinary gun should be serviced.

You are what?

what are you talking about? thoughts learn to communicate more correctly.

Exactly such news about the sale of Mig-29 yesterday as if Hungarians wrote and also a bunch of MiGs under 3 a dozen not working ALL 2 fly and they say are ready to sell everything for American 10 Lyams, plus a bunch of spare parts to buy if they buy one.

Not greedy Persians, and we inflated prices for spare parts for the MiG-29. German pilots almost cried passing the MiG, and
to Poland, and the businessmen breathed a sigh of relief, ceasing to pay that kind of money. But the Germans got the planes for free, and Iran paid their money. They do not have greed, they have for justice.

Hungarian s-Iranian --- brothers forever))) those identities want to celebrate on the one-29

While the old American fighters who survived the war with Iraq have been exploited for more than 40 years already! Of course, they contrived to smuggle in spare parts, and during the war they even drove Israel to the Phantoms, but still impressive!

It's all a matter of ..., like his ...., in gaskets. If they are so thoughtless about technology (they have a small choice), let them fly on Persian carpets or Chinese aircraft. Miser pay twice. And our equipment, before selling to foreigners, is necessary to think a hundred times. To return the Soviet education system, interspersed with modern technologies, and through 20 for years, our technology will be looked upon as alien samples of science.

Not even modernized completely. But this is a light plane. Ours offered them a full cycle with replacement of radar and avionics, but they are tight.

The coolest cars are Japanese from the late eighties to the mid-nineties, and now all of them are coming to an end. This is me as a mechanic talking. Smoothly but the end. And what about the beginning of 90x planes?

Any technique of all generations requires proper maintenance.

Dear Ares! 10 years ago watched a picture of harvesting wheat when Jondir, Don, and Kolos (with their headlights) walked alongside. After 2 of the week, after the rains, the picture was as follows: the palest strip is the narrowest - Kolos, then Don and the greenest Jondir! It all comes down to the hands and service, I know a farmer, who has a modern Canadian tractor, like a New Year tree, all in the lights of faulty sensors ...

Hint understood. SU-57 and we need, after n-time will be seen ...

They just do not know how to maintain military equipment.

100% agree with you!

Alexander you are familiar with the proverb- "It was not a reel, but who was sitting in the cockpit!"

In my opinion, a new virus called Schizophrenia virus is found on earth. Ukraine’s mass Hungary Hungary Armenia Belarusians and those are crap Israel ask us to wipe off the face of the earth but as we all know, if you suffer for a long time, then Israel will succeed in its efforts

I work on the Mig-29-oh, the plane is simpler and costs in man-hours need less than a new materiel ... You do not know the essence of the issue, refrain from commenting ...

The US B-52 still fought in Vietnam and is still in service.

Well, it depends on what! To just drive a representative Merc is certainly more comfortable ... but in Formula 1, the prize winners will have a bit of a hard time getting through. Do you know how many man-hours teams spend on preparing cars for Formula 1 races?
Dofiga !!! And I think combat aviation is much closer to racing than convenience - T-34-84 (and it's cheap and easy to maintain) has a chance to win against any modern tank (nobody canceled an ambush on the ground!) Mig-15 versus Su-30 odds are zero!

after the collapse of Iraq, Iran has only two enemies left - Israel and NATO and the once formidable at the end of 80's MiG-29 will probably no longer be able to cope with them. Yes, and he studied them for a long time.

they constantly and successfully "think", but this has nothing to do with the Kosoruk Iranians, who brought the planes ...

And the Russian machinery works great and fights! In Syria, thousands of sorties on the old Su-25 and Su-24, bombed all the enemies, the goals of the war have been achieved and almost no plane crashes due to them. In Yemen, still T-34 are fighting ... So do not la-la ... Iranians can not help but whine ...

General la-la! Iran is talking about 23 Mig-29, purchased by 26-27 years ago, confirming that 40% of aircraft are still operational today. This is a great indicator! From the photo you can see that the paint has already burned out, and they were even too lazy to paint the planes ... And the resource, this is such a thing that once ends ...

Yes, the MiG-29 is the aircraft of yesterday. But, if you do not have today, then yesterday’s will fit you too. Well, in general, a good pilot on this plane can do a lot of things against Chinese crap ...

dummy .... Immediately obvious ... did not serve in the Army ..!
Military equipment and equipment - this is not a used "gelding".
Reliability should be at 100 percent.

Let them buy on Ali Express .. If you give a monkey a gun, it will still beat the butt without knowing to pull the trigger

Obviously a degenerative comment, apparently from a person. for which the pinnacle of development is the combine Niva 85. Commonly known fact. that for the operation of any aircraft, as well as its pre and post-flight maintenance, a man-hour norm is required, unfortunately already far from new MiG-29 as well as Su-27 for this indicator have long been inferior to similar machines of the same generation.

Its nothing but infantile arrogance.
I saw enough of Bushehr NPP on these grief specialists.

tell these tales to your Fuhrer. the equipment - especially the fighting one - should work out there for how many hours - and to the dump .. and not be serviced after each departure. here's a nerd. You will buy such a car - which, after every 100 km, you need to check and add oil to lard. and other vitamins. adjust the brakes. idling. etc.

Definitely, they want to get significant concessions to upgrade.

Even a bicycle needs care. Maintenance work and necessary repairs. The title of the article is again provocative and inconsistent with the content, like in all our yellow press. MIG-29 is a great plane!

Has anyone explained to Iran that this is not a bicycle, should aircraft be serviced? And the service money is not small. We wanted to save - please. Miser pays twice. With India, the same garbage.

They would have presented claims to the Soviet "Kukuruznikam".

what to think if they are 30 years

At one time, China refused to further purchase metalworking machines from Russia, because of their inaccuracy.

Do not like it - fight on camels.

MIG designers and engineers have something to think about.