Missile attacks on Israel


Panic reigns in Israel: any attack can turn the country into ruins

Israel has demonstrated its defenselessness against any attack.

The events of the beginning of the week made the Israeli authorities doubt that this country is ready to withstand any external threat. This is primarily due to the extremely low efficiency of the anti-missile defense system, which intercepted only the 21-25 opol% of the missiles launched on the territory of the Jewish state from the Gaza Strip. Considering the previously made statements by Iran and Hezbollah about the readiness to launch several thousand missiles at Israel, this country can be turned into ashes.

According to analysts, this humiliation for Israel is large-scale, since any attack on Iranian military and Iranian military facilities in Syria can easily lead to a retaliatory strike from Iran, and the speech, according to preliminary data, is about thousands of missiles located in the territory Syria, a few hundred kilometers from the Israeli border.

“Israel is now well aware that any provocation can lead to a response, the defense from which will be either extremely difficult or completely impossible, especially when it comes to hundreds of missiles. Iran may well turn half of Israel’s territory into an ash desert. I can say with almost complete certainty that in the coming months, Israel will not risk striking Iranian targets in Syria. ”, - the expert asserts.

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