Destroy aerial target


In Israel, was called a "fake" video of the destruction of its F-16i

There was information about the destruction of the Israeli fighter F-16i.

A unique video recording has appeared on the Twitter microblogging network, in which, despite the poor quality of the shooting, you can see a falling burning object. According to the data presented, we are talking about a shot down Israeli fighter F-16i, who took part in the attack on the Syrian capital tonight, 21 January 2019 year.

As you can see on the presented video, the object enveloped in flames falls to the ground, after which it explodes.

According to the Israeli side, we are not talking about the F-16i fighter aircraft of the Israeli Air Force, but about the Syrian C-125 rocket, which was supposed to intercept an Israeli cruise missile, but for unknown reasons fell, which, however, did not find any official evidence However, it is subject to a similar, longer but longer video recording.

It is known that the Syrian air defense systems attacked air targets, both directly in their airspace and beyond, and therefore, information about the destruction of the Israeli F-16 may well be reliable.

It should be clarified that four Israeli F-16i fighters took part in the attack on Syria tonight, launching five waves of attacks, firing, according to the latest data, three dozen missiles and dropping several dozen planning bombs.

I think half shot down and maybe not, of course, but one thing is for sure that we kill the shell this is the second

"five waves of attacks ... three dozen missiles ... several dozen planning bombs ..." Are there many Sufas on 4? And yet - is not too much damage on the ground - after all, all the rockets were shot down twice?