Israel has created a rocket that makes Russian EW useless

Israel introduced a new supersonic rocket, opposing the Russian EW

At the "Aero India 2019" exhibition in Bangalore, the Israeli concern "Rafael" presented the latest development - the supersonic rocket "Rocks". According to "Janes 360", this rocket is able to provide high accuracy of hitting the target under conditions of electronic interference, which is relevant for Israel against the background of the last loss of its planning bomb in Syria.

Rocket "Rocks" has a single-stage solid-fuel engine, GPS system. She has an inertial navigation system, electro-optical and infrared homing heads. Warhead, which is equipped with a rocket, can be high-explosive or concrete-breaking.

It is possible that during the development of an algorithm used to automatically determine the target. At the same time, image matching technology is used. That is, by analogy with what is used in the "Spice" bombs. Such a system provides the rocket with the maximum accuracy of hitting the target, including, in the absence of a GPS signal, which, according to analysts, is done in case of a meeting with the Russian electronic suppression means, which will make them completely useless, although in reality, the Russian EW systems are of the most powerful and long-range.

Rocket tests have already passed. She obtained a certificate for lightweight multi-purpose fighter F-16I. These aircraft can carry over the 4 "Rocks".

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Does the author understand what he is writing about? EW in his opinion against cannon shells projected? Or does he think that a high-explosive fragmentation or concrete-borne rocket is something more powerful?

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