Comac C919


China has built the first airplane Comac C919

With the Chinese aircraft enterprise conveyor descended first airliner Comac C919.

According to the news agency, the first Chinese mainline airliner Comac C919 descended from the conveyor of the present day, although initially it was assumed that this should happen only in the early 2016 years.

In the near future we will begin active testing of all systems of passenger aircraft, which will be able, according to the Chinese aircraft manufacturers, to make partial compete with some passenger aircraft from leading aircraft-building corporations and companies, including these include Airbus and Boeing.

Experts note that the Comac C919 aircraft will begin to arrive in commercial use no earlier than 2018-2019, however, the Chinese aircraft manufacturer already has an order for production of 517 aircraft today, which indicates the obvious prospects of this project.

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