Helicopter Changhe Z-8G


In China, presented a unique military helicopter

In China, introduced a new military helicopter.

As the Ministry of Defense of the PRC reports, at the beginning of this year, China first introduced its new military helicopter Changhe Z-8G, which is a deeply modernized version of the helicopter Changhe Z-18. The new aircraft can perform a wide range of tasks, in particular, it concerns the transportation of servicemen (up to 30 people - comment ed Avia.pro), transport up to 5 tons of cargo, carry out special missions, etc.

In the near future, a new helicopter will be integrated with the ground forces, which will allow transportation of weapons, artillery and lightly armored vehicles.

Earlier, experts made a statement that today the Armed Forces of the PRC are deprived of modern helicopters, and in fact, only this is inferior to the military potential of major world powers, however, the appearance of a new helicopter, as well as the planned presentation of another 4 rotorcraft during the 2018 year , will get rid of this problem.


So what exactly is unique? Or a kind of journalistic reception?